Send a Letter to Your Elected Representatives

In times like these, when our compassion is tested by those who would make us react in fear of those different from us, it is more important than ever to hold true to the powerful, enduring vision of our nation: one that welcomes people fleeing violence and persecution and helps them build a life and achieve the American dream in our communities.

The recent horrific events in Paris and Beirut only underscore the danger faced by refugees, many of whom are fleeing from the very people who perpetrated the acts of horror. Our security concerns are real, but a response based on fear alone is not worthy of our values.

For more than 30 years, the United States has resettled thousands of refugees who are hardworking contributors to our economy and help our communities thrive. In the past five years, the United States has received fewer than 2,500 Syrian refugees. And as security experts have pointed out, "Refugees are subjected to the highest and most intensive security review of any population coming to the U.S." Each refugee goes through a thorough screening process that takes 18 to 24 months to complete.

Whether from Syria or other parts of the globe, refugees facing life-or-death situations look to America as a salvation. Resettling refugees in the U.S. will save thousands of lives and make our nation stronger.

Please send a letter to your U.S. senators and representative asking them to support refugee resettlement programs and services, ensuring refugees are screened, welcomed and integrated into our nation.